Revised Campaign

For my Identity campaign I want to switch it up. I want to be more conceptually creative. I want to create a narrative that can be performed in real space and time but use technology as a way to visualize it. The narrative would be a science-fiction character named ‘Lil Commando’, he is born in space, by a mexican american mother who was sent to space with a group of people (Conquistadores) by one of the most powerful Mexican Cartels to conquer a newly found planet that has some kind of life on it. Lil Commando has no real grasp of his culture in reality. He desperately wants to interact with what he thinks are his people so he breaks from the group and returns to earth only to be met with prejudice because he is not “like them” . It becomes his mission to show unity through various art forms, old and new. 

I will use photography, video and performance to document my real life embodiment of this character. These visual representations will be viewed by scanning QR codes that I wheat paste around NYC.

I need to further develop the storyline but I am passionate about this and would like this to be my project if possible